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We are your Source for Quality Exotic and Domestic Veneers from all the fine Timbers of the World. Quasar imports premium quality veneer from Europe. Manufacturing high quality veneers to any specification required using only grade A flitch. All layons can be manufactured in the most common arrangements. Book matched, Slip matched , and Random matched.

Providing a service to architects, designers, woodworkers and end-users nation-wide. We are known for our extensive variety and superior quality of stock on-hand, and the ability to meet customers’ immediate as well as long term needs with high-quality product.

Veneers and veneered boards can be supplied from as little as one piece to as many as the customer requires.

  • Fast turnaround
    Quality finished product
    Customers needs are our priority at all times 

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Designer Wood Veneers

Designer veneers enable you to expand the scope and possibilities of this fantastic, high-quality product.  

Although the range of natural textures and shades of wood is very diverse, the decorative possibilities of veneers can be, on occasion, limited.  

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Dyed Veneers

Since each tree is different, the grain and appearance of dyed veneers may vary from the samples provided, but the good news is that the dying process that is used with this type of veneer is excellent in that it provides consistency in colour across the sheets of veneer and throughout its entire thickness.

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Flexible Veneers

We manufacture a wide range of Panels/Boards and layons using the most common A grade veneer species. All veneers can be arranged in various ways Book matched, Slip matched, Random matched. Ash, White Beech, St Beech, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut are the most common, but we have excess to a vast array of veneers from around the world. All veneers can be bonded onto various substrates MDF, Plywood, Blockboard, Marine ply.  We can also supply panels cut and edged to customers required sizes.

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Flexible Veneers

We manufacture flexible veneers, The most common are Ash, Beech, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Maple and Walnut.  All veneers can be supplied with flexible paper.

When we refer to flexible veneer- this is a veneer sheet backed with paper and tenderized to break the wood fibers, making them highly flexible.

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Natural Wood Veneers

Natural veneer is wood that has been sliced from the log of a tree. As such, each piece has its own unique and authentic pattern, which reflects both the species of the tree and the environment in which it grew.

Natural veneers are named ‘natural’ because the unique texture of the wood.

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Reconstituted Veneers

Reconstituted veneers are defect-free, man-made real wood veneers. They originated in the 1970s when Italian wood product companies decided to develop a new process to produce wood veneers. They began by using poplar and obeche wood species to create dyed veneer products by cutting the logs to thin veneer sheets, before bleaching and dying them to the desired colours.

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