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We are your Source for Quality Exotic and Domestic Wood Veneers from all the fine Timbers of the World. Quasar imports premium quality from Europe. Manufacturing high quality veneers to any specification required using only grade A flitch. All layons can be manufactured in the most common arrangements. Book matched, Slip matched , and Random matched.

Providing a service to architects, designers, woodworkers and end-users nation-wide. We are known for our extensive variety and superior quality of stock on-hand, and the ability to meet customers’ immediate as well as long term needs with high-quality product.


Layons, Kitchen doors and Slotted Panel boards can be supplied from as little as one piece to as many as the customer requires.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality finished product
  • Customers needs are our priority at all times 

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Door Layons

Here at Quasar, we manufacture a range of wood veneer layons.  These are bespoke, as they are made to the customers’ requirements.

A ‘Layon’ is the layer that gives an engineered piece of wood the appearance of solid wood.

Here at Quasar, we manufacture a range of veneer layons.  These are bespoke, as they are made to the customers’ requirements.

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Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors are the major talking point.  when it comes to Quasar’s fantastic range of kitchen doors, you’re sure to have friends, family and clients talking about them for some time to come!  

These kitchen doors are bespoke, they are manufactured and finished, ready to fit for all our clients.

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Slotted Panels

All wall wood panelling is made to the customers’ requirements, there are manufacture from a wide range of our veneers. 

  • Concealed joint to give impression as one contentious wall panel. 
  • Available in various wood species E.g., Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Oak, Maple 
  • Configuration at customers discretion. 
  • Lacquered from Matt to High Gloss finish

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