Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Doors

When it comes to kitchen doors, Quasar offers a fantastic range, THE FLAME RANGE, ROUGH-SAWN. These kitchen doors are bespoke, they are manufactured and finished, ready to fit for all our clients.

The fact that the range is bespoke means that the doors are available in every width and length required. Equally, the fact that the doors are all natural products means that no two rooms will ever be the same, so you’re guaranteed a unique, individual finish each time you install them!

‘Our bespoke range means that we can bring versatile décor to any space regardless of whether it’s a domestic or commercial setting. Also, the fact that the doors are available in a range of shades and colours, with a range of finishes from matt to high gloss – and in the best prime-grade timbers available – means that there’s literally a design or colour to suit all our clients.

Flame Range

‘The Flame range features two different collections: one, which comes in three styles – planked, crown and quarter – and is available in sand, white, grey and black. The Rough-sawn range,  comes in quarter style, is available in dark walnut, deep oak and grey oak.

Rough Sawn Range

‘The door colour and design is an important factor to consider, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a range of colour and design. Those customers, who are looking for that something a little different will be attracted to our wide range of wood veneers that we at Quasar have to offer.

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