Designer Veneers

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Designer Veneers

Designer veneers enable you to expand the scope and possibilities of this fantastic, high-quality product.  

Although the range of natural textures and shades of wood is very diverse, the decorative possibilities of veneers can be, on occasion, limited.  

They can also enable you to create sets of furniture in any palette with a single texture or, alternatively, combine different colours with the same pattern. 

Designer Veneer Gallery

At Quasar, we manufacture a wide range of panels, boards and layons using the most common A-grade veneers. All veneers can be arranged in various ways – Booked matched, Slipped match and Random matched. These are then bonded on to various substrates, such as MDF, Plywood, Blockboard and Marine plywood.

With access to hundreds of styles and species from around the world – from everyday species, such as Cherry, Oak, Ash, Beech and Mahogany to rare, exotic species, such as figured sycamore and pearl moon ebony – Quasar is your one-stop shop when it comes to natural veneers.

Quasar veneer range:  Designer VeneersDyed Veneers |Flexible VeneersNatural VeneersReconstituted VeneersVeneer

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