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Regrinding and sharpening

Providing services of re-grinding (sharpening) of cutting tools ranging from Straight Knives, Circular Saw Blades, Spindle Tools, and shanked tools.

With two fully qualified saw doctors and 45 years of re-grinding and professional knowledge, we can offer a high level of information on all tools used in both the engineering and woodworking industries.

We know the importance of tooling in any manufacturing process so we have an exceptionally quick delivery and turnaround times on regrinding.

Saw Blades

Quasar specializes in supplying a comprehensive range of TCT Saw Blades across our main ranges. The range of blades offered are of high quality with an industrial finished plate at an affordable price. Designed for General purpose use this range covers most sites, workshop Saws and includes Saw Blades for all known machines in this industry. Our range of TCT Saw Blades are designed for demanding professional and industrial applications.

These blades are laser cut from hardened alloy steel plate, which is then treated and roller tensioned. The bores are laser cut to ensure precision sizing and fine-grain tungsten carbide tips are used to give a longer lasting performance and to provide the maximum number of re-sharpening services.

Profile Knives

We focus on providing a huge selection of Profiling knife patterns in a wide array of steels, alloys and carbide to fit all your profile manufacturing needs. Whether you’re running 3 meters or 20.000 meters of MDF we’ll find the best knife blade solution for your job. We can Manufacture profile knives from a fax, email or CAD drawing. Or simply send us a sample of

your profile

Architrave – Skirting – Raised Panel, Dado Rail – Corner Moulding – Hand Rail

Our prices are competitive without sacrificing the quality

Diamond Tooling

Diamond router cutters are also known as PCD [polycrystalline]  it is an extremely hard and durable material, designed for aggressive and abrasive material. Chipboard,  MDF, and all other composite materials.

PCD [polycrystalline] tool material typically provides abrasion resistance up to 500 times that of tungsten carbide.  Polycrystalline high thermal conductivity allows the heat to be transferred away from the cutting edge,  This prevents rapid tool wear.

PCD tools have extended life with increased productivity. These tools often offset the higher initial cost per product.  Tool life may be extended through resharpening the tool.

PCD tooling is highly used in the woodworking, aerospace, and automotive industries.  PCD tooling is used for machining a wide range of material’s, Thou they are not suitable for machining the following steels, irons, and other non-ferrous materials, due to chemical reaction between tool and material.

Our companies experience along with our expertise ensure the ever-demanding production requirements of our client’s needs are always covered.


Here at Quasar we supply a range of Glues for various different materials.  Below you will find the range of glue products and their applications.

J1-D2 Pva Glue

General purpose glue for joinery. Suitable for most hard and softwoods, chipboards, MDF, and plywood. 

J6XL-D3 Pva Glue

High quality wood adhesive. All joinery applications where D3 water resistance is required eg. exterior furniture, doors, windows, high pressure laminates, kitchen and bedroom furniture.  Suitable for most hard and soft woods, chipboard, mdf, plywood and Hpl. 

J5000XL-D4 Pva Glue

High quality wood adhesive.  All joinery applications where D3 water resistance is required, eg. exterior furniture, windows, doors, high pressure laminates, kitchens and bathroom furniture. Suitable materials are most soft and hard woods, chipboard, mdf, plywood and phl.


It is used to bond most types of wood and is manufactured for all joinery applications, Including windows, doors, staircases, and many more.  Gladiator can also be used on plasterboard, rubber, concrete and thermal insulation materials


At Quasar we supply a range of sizes of Reisser screws.  They range from 40mm x 16mm-5.0mm x 100mm. 

The Reisser screw is yellow tropoi

#calized with the following characteristics:

  • Deep Pozi Drive 
  • Self C/Sinking
  • Cutter Slots
  • Needle Point
  • Single/Wide Thread

Reisser screws are for a range of applications of hard & softwoods and board materials.

The slots allow the screw to work close to the edge of the material without splitting and penetrate almost all timber without a pilot hole.  The ribs and tucks under the head, allows the screw to sit flush and tight without surface damage.


Quasar stocks a range of abrasives products in a wide range of sizes and grits.

Velcro paper abrasives disc’s 

Our velcro paper abrasive discs are a full resin bonded aluminum oxide abrasive paper with lubricant, weight backing, and an open structure.   This is for dry operations with random orbital sanders in wood industry.  Applications are paint, fillers and lacquers.

Sponge back abrasive paper 

Used for rough shaping and finishing manual operations on profiles and workpieces with complex geometry.  Application’s are wood, paints, fillers and plastic materials.

Sanding Blocks

Our Sanding blocks have 4 sides coated, they are for rough shaping and finishing manual operations for easier access to 90-degree angles and edges, profiles, and workpieces with complex geometry. Applications are wood, paints, fillers, and plastic materials. 

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