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Diamond Tooling

Diamond Tooling

Diamond router cutter, also known as PCD [Poliycrystalline] is an extremely hard and durable material, designed for aggressive and abrasive material, e.g. chipboard, MDF and all other composite materials.

Polycrystalline [PCD] tool material typically provide abrasion resistance up to 500 times that of tungsten carbide.  Polycrystalline high thermal conductivity allows the heat to be transferred away from the cutting edge,  This prevents rapid tool wear.

PCD tools have extended life with increased productivity.  These tools often offset the higher initial cost by lowering the unit cost per product. Tool life may be extended through resharpening the tool.

PCD tooling is highly used in woodworking, Aerospace and Automotive industries. PCD tools are used for machining a wide range of materials, thou they are not suitable for machining the following steels, Irons and other non-ferrous materials, due to chemical reaction between tool and material.

Diamond Milling Blocks

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